2020 LWML Kansas District Convention

2020 Convention Image

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus…” – Hebrews 12:2

LWML Kansas District held a Virtual Convention on June 27, 2020.

See the Convention Manual for information on the Convention schedule, elected officers, grants, and all the things we’d normally do or discuss when meeting in person. Videos from the 5 sessions are below.

Convention Goal Statement

As we focus on Jesus with 2020 vision, we will

  • See the Author of our faith more clearly
  • Open our eyes to the joy of enduring crosses daily, and
  • Share with others the vision of the glory of God.

Virtual Convention Videos

From Messiah Lutheran Church in Hays, Kansas

Session 1 – Open Convention

Session 2 – Worship Service

Session 3 – Business 1

Session 4 – Bible Study

Session 5 – Close Convention

Mites in Mission Flags

Banners & Past Presidents

Who Watched the Convention

Bible Study 2 – Fall 2020